Misting and decontamination

Air Hygiene

Exposure to airborne pollutants and pathogens present in air or on the surrounding surfaces through cross-contamination is associated with multiple negative effects on human health. For instance, viruses are the most common cause of infectious disease acquired in the indoor environment in hospitals, schools, work environments and households. COVID-19 has provided horrific insights into the mechanics of contagion and cross infection globally. Viruses are attached to droplets of moisture which move from the infected person via the air to high risk-touch points. Therefore, environmental surfaces contaminated with airborne pathogens can be sources of indirect transmission.

Our bioflavonoid technology offers safe and effective solution that helps to reduce airborne microbes in air and on the surrounding surfaces using only natural plant-based and GMO-free ingredients. The formula is safe to inhale as all ingredients are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-teratogenic.