Swine, poultry, fish, husbandry

Animal feed and drink additives

Pathogens and infections originally present in farm animals, fish and crustaceans, not only have direct effect on their livelihood, but also pose significant danger to human health due to cross‑contamination of produce during preharvest and postharvest as well as during slaughter and further processing or meats and poultry. Therefore, administration of antimicrobial treatment through feed and water is commonly seen as a practical method to control the spread and growth of harmful pathogens.

However, seeking to minimize the use of antibiotics and other chemicals that might have harmful side effects, our patented bioflavonoid technology offers potent, but natural solution. The specialized formula that can be added to feed and water have potential to be used as a natural alternative to antibiotics due to the capability to improve survival of aquatic crustaceans as well as the ability to reduce incidence of infectious diseases in animals, including but not limited to infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, avian influenza, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and bovine coronaviruses.