Industrial, farming, public, medical, household use

Surface cleaners and sanitisers

Patented complex of bioflavonoids and organic acids

In the realm of our surroundings, surfaces often host invisible threats – bacteria and viruses that can linger for varying durations, from hours to weeks. Enter our ground-breaking solution – the patented complex of expertly blended bioflavonoids and organic acids (i.e. lactic acid). This innovative technology, harnessed from nature, holds the potential to not only cleanse but also thwart the growth of microbes and pathogens. Built solely from plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients, this revolutionary complex embodies safety and sustainability.

The prowess of this technology lies in its ability to establish a natural surface barrier, fortified with the potency of bioflavonoids. This barrier extends protection for periods ranging from 6 months to 1-2 years, contingent on the chosen formulation, regular usage, and abrasion.

Tailored to your needs, our formulations cater to both hard and absorbent surfaces, serving as steadfast sealants or versatile cleaning and disinfection agents. The dividends are vast: mitigated cross-contamination risks, regulated surface moisture, and the emergence of points that hinder pathogen adhesion.