In partnership with ALTERED

Water saving

ALTERED is a Swedish innovation company that provides low effort but high impact solutions for making life more sustainable for the many people right now. In 2018 over 2 billion people were considered living in areas with water stress, by 2025 half of the entire population of the earth is expected to live with water stress. This is an issue that cannot be ignored.

The problem is that every time we use water, most of it is wasted. When washing hands for example, we actually only use the water that touches the skin. Most of this water is layered, splashes off or just runs on the side. It is billions of litres of water literally straight down the drain.

ALTERED has developed tap nozzles that reduce the flow of water by up to 98% without losing user functionality or experience. These tap nozzles use the pressure in the pipes to atomize the water creating millions of drops shooting out of the tap, basically reshaping the flow by breaking it apart and increasing the speed. Every drop has its own surface area, and this means we get in contact with, and use, every single drop of water coming out of the tap. It is possible to switch to a spray mode, for instance for filling the glasses, saving up to 85% of water or further boost the flow to 4 LPM if needed to save up to 65% of water.

The nozzles follow global standards and can be installed in under a minute in most taps. The technology is also available for showers with projected water saving of up to 75%.