Altered: Shower Handle

The Altered: Shower Handle gives you a great shower experience with 75 % less water. There are three main criteria for a satisfying shower experience: Coverage, Pressure and Heat.  Dome® technology achieves this as effectively as possible, using as little water and energy as possible.

  • Dual Flow
  • Dome Mode: 3.5 LPM (0.92 gal)
  • Monsoon Mode: 6.5 LPM (1.7 gal)
  • Super simple installation
  • Aluminium casing
  • Chrome finish


Do you have any requirements regarding the water pressure?
The shower requires a minimum pressure of 1,5 Bars. The recommended water pressure is from 2 Bars. The shower comes with a flow regulator that makes certain that you have the right flow rate regardless the pressure.

The shower changes modes. It doesn't stay in Monsoon Mode. Why?
The valve in our shower is designed so that the switch button stays in Monsoon mode by itself but there are a few pre-requisites for this to work. The valve requires a certain incoming pressure and flow to work as intended. If the incoming pressure or flow is too low the water won’t apply enough force to maintain the valve in Monsoon mode. The lowest recommended incoming pressure is around 1.5bars, and your outlet should give at least 9-10 LPM in unrestricted flow, i.e. no device connected. If you believe your system fulfills the above but you still have problem with the button there are a few things you can try.

1. Ensure your mixer is fully opened to allow maximum pressure into the shower handle. Maybe you are used to regulate the flow rate of your shower with the mixer but with our shower this is not necessary as the shower itself regulates the flow rate.

2. Make sure there is no flow regulating device installed in shower hose, mixer etc. It’s common to have such device installed to reduce the water flow but in this case it not needed as our shower acts as a flow regulator.

How well does the rinsing work?
Rinsing shower cream with the Dome mode works like a charm. Rinsing hair from shampoo and conditioner can also be done with Dome mode but might take a little bit longer. That is why we added the Monsoon mode which rinses even the thickest hair with ease.

What are the requirements for installation?
Our handle fits the standard shower hose and is super simple to install. You just unscrew your existing handle and replace it with Altered:Shower. Flexible hose must have a ½” female thread. (Standard sizing for US and EU)