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Bioflavonoids – a large group of non-toxic natural plant components – are widely recognised in healthcare for their potent natural antioxidant, anti‑inflammatory, anti-allergy, neuroprotective and healing activity.

Citrox® offers natural, safe and powerful protection against prevalent respiratory infections such as SARS-COVID, Influenza and Rhinovirus. The formula has been proven by independent laboratories to deactivate their ability to multiply and further infect healthy cells, while using organic, food-grade, GMO-free and generally non-allergenic plant-based ingredients.



Commonly available antimicrobial agents used in dental care often have unpleasant taste, are prone to staining teeth and might even lead to resistance to antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments within the oral microflora. It is now widely recognized that apart from leading to periodontal diseases, plaque can harbour pathogens that affect other parts of the body, thus having impact on onset and progress of other health issues such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Citrox® offers a plant-based safe protection against pathogens and has been proven to have a broad-spectrum action, including the ability to fight harmful oral microorganisms. The action and range were shown to be comparable to those of Chlorhexidine, whilst avoiding common side effects, such as altered taste and teeth staining (Hooper et al, 2011).

Hooper, S. J., Lewis, M. A. O., Wilson, M. J., & Williams, D. W. (2011). Antimicrobial activity of Citrox® bioflavonoid preparations against oral microorganisms. British dental journal, 210(1), E22-E22.



Seeking to reduce the amount of chemical additives in foods and usage of chemical preservatives to protect food from spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms in line with consumer demand, Citrox® offers an alternative potent natural solution to disinfection and decontamination at the stage of raw materials as well as during processing and packaging operations.

The formula containing plant-based food-safe ingredients has been shown to be effective against some of the most serious food borne pathogens, such as E. coli (Tsiraki et al., 2018), Salmonella (Tsiraki, Savvaidis, 2016) and Listeria spp. (Abadias et al., 2011), also functioning as a natural bio-preservative capable to extend shelf-life for fresh foods, whilst having no significant adverse effect on smell and taste of the produce.

Abadias, M., Alegre, I., Usall, J., Torres, R., & Viñas, I. (2011). Evaluation of alternative sanitizers to chlorine disinfection for reducing foodborne pathogens in fresh-cut apple. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 59(3), 289-297.

Tsiraki, M. I., & Savvaidis, I. N. (2016). The effects of citrus extract (Citrox©) on the naturally occurring microflora and inoculated pathogens, Bacillus cereus and Salmonella enterica, in a model food system and the traditional Greek yogurt-based salad Tzatziki. Food microbiology, 53, 150-155.

Tsiraki, M. I., Yehia, H. M., Elobeid, T., Osaili, T., Sakkas, H., & Savvaidis, I. N. (2018). Viability of and Escherichia coli O157: H7 and Listeria monocytogenes in a delicatessen appetizer (yogurt-based) salad as affected by citrus extract (Citrox©) and storage temperature. Food microbiology, 69, 11-17.



Pathogens and infections originally present in farm animals, fish and crustaceans, not only have direct effect on their livelihood, but also pose significant danger to human health due to cross‑contamination of produce during preharvest and postharvest as well as during slaughter and further processing or meats and poultry. Therefore, administration of antimicrobial treatment through feed and water is commonly seen as a practical method to control the spread and growth of harmful pathogens.

However, seeking to minimize the use of antibiotics and other chemicals that might have harmful side effects, Citrox® offers potent, but natural solution. The specialized formula that can be added to feed and water have potential to be used as a natural alternative to antibiotics due to the capability to improve survival of aquatic crustaceans as well as the ability to reduce incidence of infectious diseases in animals, including but not limited to infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, avian influenza, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and bovine coronaviruses.



Exposure to airborne pollutants and pathogens present in air or on the surrounding surfaces through cross-contamination is associated with multiple negative effects on human health. For instance, viruses are the most common cause of infectious disease acquired in the indoor environment in hospitals, schools, work environments and households. COVID-19 has provided horrific insights into the mechanics of contagion and cross infection globally. Viruses are attached to droplets of moisture which move from the infected person via the air to high risk-touch points. Therefore, environmental surfaces contaminated with airborne pathogens can be sources of indirect transmission.

Citrox Protect Mist Concentrate offers safe and effective solution that helps to reduce airborne microbes in air and on the surrounding surfaces using only natural plant-based and GMO-free ingredients. The formula is safe to inhale as all ingredients are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-teratogenic.



In the realm of our surroundings, surfaces often host invisible threats – bacteria and viruses that can linger for varying durations, from hours to weeks. Citrox Protect professional line of cleaning and disinfection solutions holds the potential to not only cleanse but also thwart the growth of microbes and pathogens. 

The prowess of our solution lies in its ability to establish a 3D microbiota surface barrier. This barrier extends protection for periods ranging from 6 months to 1-2 years, contingent on the chosen formulation, regular usage, and abrasion.

Tailored to your needs, our formulations cater to both hard and absorbent surfaces, serving as steadfast sealants or versatile cleaning and disinfection agents. The dividends are vast: mitigated cross-contamination risks, regulated surface moisture, and the emergence of points that hinder pathogen adhesion.



ALTERED is a Swedish innovation company that provides low effort but high impact solutions for making life more sustainable for the many people right now. In 2018 over 2 billion people were considered living in areas with water stress, by 2025 half of the entire population of the earth is expected to live with water stress. This is an issue that cannot be ignored.

The problem is that every time we use water, most of it is wasted. When washing hands for example, we actually only use the water that touches the skin. Most of this water is layered, splashes off or just runs on the side. It is billions of litres of water literally straight down the drain.

ALTERED has developed tap nozzles that reduce the flow of water by up to 98% without losing user functionality or experience. These tap nozzles use the pressure in the pipes to atomize the water creating millions of drops shooting out of the tap, basically reshaping the flow by breaking it apart and increasing the speed. Every drop has its own surface area, and this means we get in contact with, and use, every single drop of water coming out of the tap. It is possible to switch to a spray mode, for instance for filling the glasses, saving up to 85% of water or further boost the flow to 4 LPM if needed to save up to 65% of water.

The nozzles follow global standards and can be installed in under a minute in most taps. The technology is also available for showers with projected water saving of up to 75%.