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Citrox Protect Technology

The Multifaceted approach to Cleaning and Disinfection

In an era marked by health concerns arising from pollutants and pathogens in our surroundings, Citrox Protect professional range of cleaning and disinfection products emerges as a beacon of defence. While viruses loom as common culprits of indoor infections in settings such as hospitals, schools, workplaces, and homes, the devastating global impact of SARS-COVID underscores the urgency of combatting contagion and cross-infection. The journey of pathogens, riding on moisture droplets from person to surface, reveals the importance of intervention to mitigate contamination.

The Citrox Protect range stands as a targeted solution, offering a multifaceted approach. From disinfection and decontamination to anti-adhesion, moisture control, and modulation of surface properties, our innovations work synergistically to curtail microbial proliferation on both solid and porous surfaces. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria and viruses, it significantly reduces the risk of cross-infection.

Empowering Cleanliness: The Mighty Force of Lactic Acid

The antibacterial action of Citrox Protect formulations rely on the Lactic Acid. This powerhouse actively disrupts and eliminates pathogens, bacteria, and microbes, elevating cleaning to the next level.

  • The Naturally-Occurring Powerhouse – Lactic acid is an organic acid found in countless plant and animal sources.
  • Rapid and Efficient Pathogen Elimination – One of the most remarkable features of Lactic acid is its rapid action against harmful invaders. When applied, it swiftly penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, disrupting their biochemical processes and rendering them harmless. This mechanism of action ensures thorough and effective cleaning and disinfection, leaving surfaces pristine and free from pathogens.

Citrox Protect Action

The key feature of Citrox Protect formulations is their exquisite proven efficiency and broad-spectrum action against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and moulds. Our full Testing & Certification list is constantly being updated with the most recent studies. 

Revolutionary 3D Microbiota Barrier

Seeking to revolutionise the industry, Citrox Protect range goes beyond just cleaning and disinfection. Hard Surface Sealant and Wipe as well as Textile Sealant offered within the range are also designed to coat the surface creating a robust 3D microbiota barrier sealing sub-atomic surface valleys and craters visible under a microscope.

This barrier creates pathogen anti-adhesion points offering long-lasting protection ranging from 6 months to 2 years (depending on the actual product, use and abrasion conditions), facilitating easy cleaning.

A range meticulously designed to cover all cleaning and disinfection needs

  • Hard Surface Sealant: Forms a resilient 3D microbiota barrier, offering prolonged protection.
  • Textile Surface Sealant: Extends its shield to fabrics, enhancing defence.
  • Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant: Cleans and safeguards surfaces simultaneously.
  • Disinfecting Granules: A versatile solution for targeted applications.
  • Mist Concentrate: Delivers wide coverage for enhanced protection.
  • Antibacterial Hand Gel: Empowers personal hygiene on the go.

Years of dedicated research and development combined with professional application in the real world settings have fuelled the evolution of Citrox Protect range, culminating in a range that encapsulates nature’s wisdom and scientific ingenuity to create an environment of safety and wellness.

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