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Lactic Acid and Ethanol

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Central to our advanced formulas developed for efficient cleaning and disinfection are two remarkable ingredients: naturally occurring lactic acid and ethanol. These ingredients have been meticulously selected and are backed by rigorous scientific research, ensuring that Citrox Protect line of professional products stands at the forefront of biocidal solutions, where these ingredients take centre stage, demonstrating their formidable abilities to provide cleanliness.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a pivotal ingredient within our Citrox Protect line, which actively disrupts and eliminates pathogens, bacteria, and microbes, helping to elevate cleaning and disinfection to the next level. 

  • The Naturally-Occurring Powerhouse – Lactic acid is an organic acid found in countless plant and animal sources.
  • Rapid and Efficient Pathogen Elimination – One of the most remarkable features of Lactic acid is its rapid action against harmful invaders. When applied, it swiftly penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, disrupting their biochemical processes and rendering them harmless. This mechanism of action ensures thorough and effective cleaning and disinfection, leaving surfaces pristine and free from pathogens.
  • Multi-Surface Suitability – Lactic acid’s gentle nature when interacting with surfaces is well-documented. This property makes it suitable for a wide range of materials, including those sensitive to harsh chemicals. However, despite the gentle nature, lactic acid retains its full potency in microbial control, ensuring effective disinfection.

Ethanol: The Reliable Ally

Seeking to expand the line of Citrox Protect professional cleaning and disinfection products, offering a wider selection of stable and versatile solutions, we have also opted to include Ethanol, a valuable and well-known asset in various cleaning contexts. Its adaptability to different situations, from hand sanitizers to surface disinfectants, highlights its efficacy in diverse settings.

  • Swift Action – The rapid antimicrobial action of ethanol has been extensively studied with research findings confirming its ability to swiftly neutralize microbes on surfaces, ensuring efficient and thorough disinfection.
  •  Versatility in Applications – Years of extensive research and practical usage have confirmed Ethanol’s versatility and adaptability to different situations, from hand sanitizers to surface disinfectants, highlights its efficacy in diverse settings.
  • Compatibility with Materials –Ethanol is known for its compatibility with a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, and textiles. This compatibility minimizes the risk of damage to surfaces or equipment during disinfection, which is especially crucial in healthcare settings and laboratories.
  • Reduced Risk of Resistance – The use of ethanol in disinfection has shown a reduced likelihood of microbial resistance compared to some other disinfectants. This is a significant advantage in the ongoing battle against emerging pathogens and superbugs.

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