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  • Altered: Extreme Water Saving Nozzle (Dual Flow Pro)


    The Altered: Nozzle Dual Flow Pro saves water without losing functionality. With our patented atomization technology millions of droplets instantly drench your[...]

  • Altered: Shower Handle


    The Altered: Shower Handle gives you a great shower experience with 75 % less water. There are three main criteria for a[...]

  • Altered: Single Flow Dome Nozzle


    The Altered: Nozzle Dome® is optimized for public areas where you need high efficiency but still with maximum savings. Our Dome® Technology[...]

  • Altered: Spray Flow Nozzle


    The Altered: Spray Flow Nozzle version offers huge water savings without any compromises in experience and performance. The  nozzle is designed to[...]