Citrox Biosciences announces new collaboration to help reduce water consumption

29th May 2023

Citrox Biosciences, a leading innovator of eco-friendly solutions with antimicrobial properties, is proud to announce a new collaboration with ALTERED, an award-winning company offering a range of water-saving technologies. Citrox Biosciences will become an official distributor for ALTERED products in the UK, extending its collection of environmentally focused solutions and helping to improve water efficiencies in a variety of activities. 

ALTERED manufactures a number of products aimed at reducing water consumption by changing the heavy flow of water into a dispersion, including complete tap and shower head assemblies and nozzles that can be retrofitted to existing taps. For example, the company’s Dome® technology saves up to 96 % of water, while a ’mist mode’ returns even more significant savings of up to 98 %.1 These small additions are designed for any organisation that uses a lot of water – such as hotels, fitness centres, schools and beauty salons – as well as commercial or residential settings, helping to reduce water bills and, more importantly, environmental impact.

Richard Thomas, Managing Director at Citrox Biosciences commented: “We are extremely proud and excited to enter this collaboration with ALTERED. Citrox Biosciences has long put a huge focus on sustainability, and this partnership adds another element to our eco-minded portfolio. Water is such a precious resource and, with an increasing number of droughts across Europe in recent years, technologies like those from ALTERED will help to lessen our impact on the planet.”

 Visit for more information on Citrox Biosciences and Altered’s range of products in the UK, or go to to learn more about the company and its water-saving technologies.   

[1] Internal study, Altered. Data not published.