Citrox Biosciences Ltd and ALTERED: Reshaping Water Usage

11th September 2023

In today’s world, taking care of our environment is more important than ever. One of the biggest challenges we face is the issue of water scarcity. At Citrox Biosciences Ltd, we have joined forces with Swedish company ALTERED, in a collaboration that promises to reshape water usage and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is a significant global issue. In 2018, it was reported that over 2 billion people are already living in water-stressed areas, with projections indicating that half of the world’s population will face water stress by 2025. This is an issue that cannot be ignored. At Citrox Biosciences Ltd, we have recognised the gravity of the situation and teamed up with ALTERED, a Swedish innovation company that has created a range of tap nozzles that reduce the flow of water, without losing user functionality.

ALTERED: Sustainable Technology

Every time we use water out of a tap, a significant amount of water is wasted without us realising it. Traditional taps dispense more water than necessary, much of which never even comes into contact with our skin or serves any practical purpose. It’s a staggering amount of precious resource literally going down the drain.

This is where ALTERED comes into play. Their tap nozzles have been designed to dramatically reduce water flow while maintaining the functionality and user experience we’re accustomed to. These tap nozzles achieve a remarkable reduction in water usage, with potential savings of up to 98%.

ALTERED tap nozzles utilise the pressure within the pipes to atomise the water, breaking it into countless tiny droplets that shoot out of the tap. This transformative process ensures that every drop of water is utilised effectively. Citrox Biosciences Ltd recognises the game-changing potential of ALTERED’s technology. As part of our partnership, Citrox Biosciences Ltd has become the official distributor of ALTERED products in the UK.

The ALTERED range of tap nozzles includes the following:

ALTERED: Extreme Water Saving Nozzle (Dual Flow Pro)
ALTERED: Single Flow Dome Nozzle
ALTERED: Spray Flow Nozzle

The installation process is quick and hassle-free, taking under a minute for most taps. However, please note that ALTERED tap nozzles do not support taps that have concealed/cache aerators. The nozzles will only work on taps that have detachable sockets and removable aerators.

Are ALTERED Tap Nozzles Suitable with My Water System?

ALTERED Tap Nozzles may not be used for faucets connected to pressure-less boilers. We recommend a minimum pressure of 3 BAR to fulfil the functionality of Dual Flow. For Single Flow Dome we recommend a minimum pressure of 1.5 BAR. Installing check valves at the hot and cold supply is recommended to prevent cross-over flow.


Teaming up with ALTERED isn’t just a business move for us – it’s a big step forward in the fight against water scarcity. This collaboration isn’t just about fancy ideas; it’s about showing how teaming up in innovative ways can make a real impact. It’s proof that when we put our heads together, we can create some seriously positive change.